par Dalle Vedove, Walter ;Sanfeld, Albert ;Bisch, Paulo Mascarello
Référence Journal of non-equilibrium thermodynamics, 5, 1, page (35-54)
Publication Publié, 1980
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : The mechano-chemical stability of a flat interface is analyzed for Newtonian incompressible bulk fluids. The adsorption-desorption steps and the surface chemical reactions are the rate determining processes. For two fluctuating species, a linear stability analysis is performed. General results are reported and a first classification of systems based on their pure chemical behaviour is given. An intrinsically stable chemical scheme is considered and the coupling with hydrodynamics is discussed. It is shown that this bimolecular competitive reaction scheme induces an exchange of stability for suitable values of the parameters. The competitions between chemical, mechanical and thermodynamical effects are discussed. The non-equilibrium surface chemical reactions and the adsorption-desorption processes can drastically modify the rheological properties of the interface. A gain of elastic energy may lead to unstable situations. © Copyright by Walter de Gruyter & Co.