par Corlier, Freddy ;Ingenbleek, Jean-François ;Lemaire, Jean
Référence ASTIN bulletin, 16, 1, page (45-62)
Publication Publié, 1986
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : Under-insurance is one of the scourges of homeowner insurance: when it is established after a claim that the rebuilding cost of a dwelling has been underestimated by the policyholder, the proportional rule applies in the sense that the indemnity is reduced in proportion of the under-insurance. To avoid this dramatic problem, prejudicial to all parties concerned, a Belgian company has in 1983 marketed a model to evaluate rebuilding costs: if the policyholder fills in correctly a two-page form, the company forgoes the application of the proportional rule. The construction of this model is explained; then, it is shown how a statistical study sponsored by the Professional Union of Insurance Companies allowed the model to improve. © 1986, International Actuarial Association. All rights reserved.