par Lafruit, Gauthier
Référence 3DTV-CON (3-6 July 2016)
Publication Non publié, 2016-07-05
Communication à un colloque
Résumé : The keynote presents developments over the past ten years in immersive media standards, as well as recent technological breakthroughs in next-generation virtual and augmented reality.For instance, ISO/IEC MPEG and ITU-T VCEG have recently issued the 3D-HEVC multiview video compression standard, which reaches unpreceded compression performances for coding the video streams captured with dense, linear camera arrangements. With the aim of supporting future, high-quality 3D light field displays and Free Navigation virtual/augmented reality applications with sparse, curvelinear camera setups, new coding and view synthesis rendering techniques should be developed.In view of the high challenges, MPEG and JPEG engage in defining a collaboration for developing these next-generation Virtual Reality standards, supporting 360 degree 3D video and virtual walkthrough applications with correct motion parallax and visual accomodation cues. Point Cloud and Light Field technologies are the select candidates to serve this purpose. Commonalities between these technologies will be presented, aiming at identifying the most promising exploration and standardization approaches.