Résumé : This paper deals with the time-domain homogenization of laminated cores in 2-D or 3-D finite-element (FE) models of electromagnetic devices, allowing for net circulating current in the laminations (e.g., due to imperfect or damaged insulation). The homogenization is based on the expansion of the induction throughout the lamination thickness using a set of orthogonal polynomial basis functions (BFs), in conjunction with the magnetic vector potential formulation. These BFs allow for net flux, net current, and skin effect in the laminations; by choosing the number of BFs, one can compromise between accuracy and computational cost. The approach is validated through a linear 2-D test case with in-plane imposed and induced current density. A brute-force model, in which all laminations are finely meshed, produces the reference solution. The extension to nonlinear 3-D problems is expected to be straightforward.