Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : A comparative study of the localisation of ACTH, MSH and LPH was made in the pituitary of the piglet and the adult pig. The immunofluorescence technique was used to detect the cellular localization of the hormones. Antisera directed against 17-39 ACTH, human MSH and porcine LPH have been produced in the rabbit. The two last antisera were made specific by immuno absorption by means of 1-24 ACTH. The use of serial sections has demonstrated that, in both piglets and adult pigs, the same cells of the anterior pituitary react with the anti 17-39 ACTH, anti MSH and anti LPH specific antisera. These cells are stained by the PAS in the PAS alcian blue orange G technique, and they become blue by the tetrachrome staining. Furthermore it appeared that, in both adults and piglets, all the cells of the intermediate lobe are marked by the three specific antisera.