par Cadranel, Samy
Référence Gastrointestinal Endoscopy in Children, Nova Science Publishers, Inc., page (3-13)
Publication Publié, 2014-10
Partie d'ouvrage collectif
Résumé : The desire to examine the inner cavities of the GI tract is more than two centuries old but GI endoscopy was really possible in human medicine only when cold light supply and imaging process through fiberglass became available. Pediatric GI endoscopy is now 40 years old and its remarkable evolution is mainly due to the miniaturization of the instruments but also to progresses in anesthesiology. The progressive availability of GI endoscopy in many pediatric gastroenterology units resulted in a better understanding of the mechanisms involved in several diseases thanks to the pathological study of biopsy material. The improvement of the instruments made it possible to access not only to diagnosis of the disease but also to proceed to therapeutic procedures that should be undertaken only in tertiary referral centers where the secure facilities can be concentrated. The training of new generations of pediatric gastroenterologists is a serious matter and the trainees should be given fair opportunities to get the necessary experience that only time and exercise can achieve.