par Liu, Lingfeng ;Poutanen, J.;Quitin, François ;Haneda, K.;Tufvesson, Fredrik;De Doncker, Philippe ;Vainikainen, P.;Oestges, Claude
Référence (01-02 March, 2011: Paris, France), Proc. of the NEWCOM++ / COST2100 Joint Workshop on Wireless, JNCW
Publication Publié, 2011-03
Publication dans des actes
Résumé : The COST 2100 channel model is a geometry- based stochastic channel model (GSCM) that can reproduce the stochastic properties of MIMO channels over time, frequency, and space. In contrast to other popular GSCMs, the COST 2100 approach is generic and flexible, making it suitable to model multi-user or distributed MIMO scenarios. In this article a concise overview of the COST 2100 channel model is presented. Main concepts are described, together with useful implementation guidelines. Recent developments, including dense multipath components, polarization, and multi-link aspects, are also discussed.