par Le Cam, Florence ;Domingo, David
Editeur scientifique Vos, Tim P.;Heinderyckx, François
Référence Gatekeeping in Transition, Routledge, London
Publication Publié, 2015
Partie d'ouvrage collectif
Résumé : This chapter analyzes how the daily work of online journalists plays a major role in their gatekeeping function. Far from any strategic reflection on what news to select or what journalists want the public to be aware of, the gatekeeping role can be seen as a news practice mostly determined by the culture of online journalism-focused on immediacy over analysis-and social, labor, and technical arrangements of newsrooms that are still evolving, despite showing remarkable stability over time in our cases. Our analysis of gatekeeping practices compares ethnographic data from four newsrooms: two in Paris ( and, one in Barcelona (, and one in Madrid ( We performed non-participant observations, analyzing daily practices; professional decisions to select, hierarchize, and publish news; and interactions among colleagues with management and with the information technology (IT) and marketing departments (understanding the media company as a collective field). The results focus on the implications for the process of gatekeeping in online newsrooms of two aspects of online journalism: the pressure of temporality and the internal organization of the newsroom. This chapter aims to illustrate the necessity of an ethnographic approach to assess the pragmatics of gatekeeping.