par Henneaux, Marc ;Hortner, Sergio ;Leonard, Amaury
Référence Journal of High Energy Physics, 2016, 01, page (1-29), 073
Publication Publié, 2016-01-13
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : Abstract: We study systematically the conformal geometry of higher spin bosonic gauge fields in three spacetime dimensions. We recall the definition of the Cotton tensor for higher spins and establish a number of its properties that turn out to be key in solving in terms of prepotentials the constraint equations of the Hamiltonian (3 + 1) formulation of four-dimensional higher spin gauge fields. The prepotentials are shown to exhibit higher spin conformal symmetry. Just as for spins 1 and 2, they provide a remarkably simple, manifestly duality invariant formulation of the theory. While the higher spin conformal geometry is developed for arbitrary bosonic spin, we explicitly perform the Hamiltonian analysis and derive the solution of the constraints only in the illustrative case of spin 3. In a separate publication, the Hamiltonian analysis in terms of prepotentials is extended to all bosonic higher spins using the conformal tools of this paper, and the same emergence of higher spin conformal symmetry is confirmed.