par Gilis, Natalia ;Prakash, Jai ;Lambeets, Sten ;Barroo, Cédric ;Franke, Jorn Holger ;Kosov, Daniil ;Visart de Bocarmé, Thierry
Référence Journées scientifiques de la Société Royale de Chimie (2015: 2015-10-08: Bruxelles)
Publication Non publié, 2015-10-08
Poster de conférence
Résumé : Chirality at surfaces has become an active research area within the surface science research community. These chiral surfaces can act as a media for enantioselective chemical processes [1-3]. The nanoscale control of the adsorption of chiral molecules on metallic surfaces is crucial for the implementation of nanotechnologic applications such as chiral specific sensors, enantiomeric separation, and asymmetric heterogeneous catalysis. Industrial catalysts are typically composed of metallic nanoparticles and expose a wide range of different crystalline planes. These planes may offer different reactivity towards any given chiral molecule. Here we propose a promising route for obtaining a fundamental understanding of enantiospecific interaction of chiral biomolecules on metal surfaces using field emission methods. These techniques have the unique advantage to image simultaneously a variety of crystalline planes with an atomic lateral resolution along with chiral and achiral orientated nanofacets.