par Lambeets, Sten ;Barroo, Cédric ;Devred, François ;Kruse, Norbert ;Visart de Bocarmé, Thierry
Référence Ecole Doctorale Thématique CHIM (2013-11-15: Louvain-la-Neuve)
Publication Non publié, 2013-11-15
Communication à un colloque
Résumé : CO2 is well-known greenhouse effect gas with a huge impact on the environment One possibility to deal with CO2 emissions, is to use CO2 hydrogenation to obtain compounds such as CH3OH. A H2/CO2 reaction over a rhodium model nanoparticle has been studied by field emission microscopy (FEM) and field ion microscopy (FIM). Those techniques allow to observe the apex part of a very sharp tip with a nanoscale, and even atomic lateral resolution. This sample corresponds to a model nanoparticle with a hemispherical shape [1]. Reaction can be observed at nano-scale under in-situ conditions at real time.