par Chamel, Nicolas ;Fantina, Anthea ;Zdunik, J. Leszek;Haensel, Pawel
Editeur scientifique Minkov, Nikolay;Gaidarov, Mitko
Référence International Workshop on Nuclear Theory(34: 21-27 Juin 2015: Rila, Bulgarie), Proceedings of the 34-th International Workshop on Nuclear Theory, Heron Press Ltd., Sofia, Bulgarie, Vol. 34, Ed. 1, page (126-131)
Publication Publié, 2015-12-25
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Résumé : X-ray observations of accreting neutron stars in low-mass X-ray binaries have recently proved to be very useful for probing neutron-star interiors. We have recently studied the release of heat due to nonequilibrium nuclear processes in the crust of an accreting neutron star using the microscopic Brussels-Montreal HFB-27* nuclear mass model, based on the self consistent Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov method. This model was fitted to essentially all atomic masses with a model root mean square deviation of 0.5 MeV. Moreover, the underlying functional was adjusted to realistic equations of state of neutron matter and was constrained to reproduce various properties of nuclear matter.