par Baye, Daniel Jean
Référence Physical Review A, 92, 042112
Publication Publié, 2015
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : An efficient version of the calculable R-matrix method, a technique for determination of scattering and bound-state properties, is extended to the Dirac equation. The configuration space is divided into internal and external regions at the channel radius. In both regions, the introduction of a Bloch operator allows restoration of the Hermiticity. The most general Bloch operator contains three free parameters. With a basis without constraint at the channel radius in the internal region, the phase shifts converge to the same value for any choice of these parameters. Nevertheless, some choices provide a faster convergence than others. Determination of the bound-state energies is performed with an extension of the method using a second set of basis functions in the external region. Neither the knowledge of asymptotic expressions nor a large channel radius is required. These R-matrix methods are particularly simple and very accurate when combined with the Lagrange-mesh method. No analytical or numerical evaluation of matrix elements is then necessary. Very accurate phase shifts are obtained with a Legendre mesh for various short-range potentials. A combination of Legendre and Laguerre meshes provides accurate energies for the bound states even for potentials with a Coulomb-like asymptotic behavior.