par Vincent, Jean Louis
Référence Transfusion in the Intensive Care Unit, Springer International Publishing, page (13-23)
Publication Publié, 2015-01
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Résumé : Blood transfusions are a relatively common event in patients with sepsis. Although severe anemia is associated with worse outcomes, hemoglobin levels less than the classically quoted 10 sg/dl are well tolerated in many patients, and it is difficult to determine whether or when such patients should be transfused. Importantly, there can be no one transfusion trigger or threshold for all patients, rather the benefit/risk ratio of transfusion should be assessed in each patient taking into account multiple factors including physiological variables, age, disease severity, and coexisting cardiac ischemia. The ultimate goal of transfusion is to improve tissue oxygenation, but our ability to measure these changes and hence determine the need for and response to transfusion is still limited.