Résumé : Abstract: Motivated by the null results of LHC searches, which together with the Higgs mass, severely constrain minimal supersymmetric extensions of the standard model, we adopt a model-independent approach to study charged slepton flavor. We examine a number of simplified models, with different subsets of sleptons, electroweak gauginos, and Higgsinos, and derive the allowed slepton flavor dependence in the region probed by current LHC searches, and in the region relevant for the 14 TeV LHC. We then study the impact of the allowed flavor dependence on lepton plus missing energy searches. In some cases, flavor dependence significantly modifies the reach of the searches. These effects may be even larger at the next LHC run, since for the higher masses probed at 14 TeV, larger flavor mixings and relative mass splittings are compatible with low-energy constraints. Retaining the full lepton flavor information can increase the sensitivity of the searches.