par Gonzalez, Ander ;Mollet, Yves ;Geury, Thomas ;Lopez Erauskin, Ramon ;Gyselinck, Johan
Référence 5th International Workshop on Integration of Solar Power into Power Systems (SIW2015), Brussels, Belgium, 19-20 October 2015
Publication Publié, 2015
Publication dans des actes
Résumé : The grid-emulator is a laboratory platform that reproduces grid voltages under various normal or abnormal conditions. It is designed to perform test to both loads and generators. In this paper the grid connection of a grid emulator is described. The connection to the grid is done by means of an LC filter connected to the lab transformer, resulting thus in a LCL type filter. The system control is described and tested for different grid inductance values. The evolution of the important parameters is tracked with the variation of the grid inductance showing how the variation of this affects the control and could lead to an unbalanced system.