Résumé : [en] In this paper, a simple and rapid method was developed in order to assess incomparative tests the production of binary biogas mixtures containing CO2 and anothergaseous compound such as hydrogen or methane. This method was validated andexperimented for the characterisation of the biochemical hydrogen potential of differentpure strains and mixed cultures of hydrogen-producing bacteria (HPB) growing on glucose.The experimental results compared the hydrogen production yield of 19 different purestrains and sludges : facultative and strict anaerobic HPB strains along with anaerobic digester sludges thermally pre-treated or not. Significant yields variations wererecorded even between different strains of the same species by i.e. about 20% for threeClostridium butyricum strains. The pure Clostridium butyricum and pasteurianumstrains achieved the highest yields i.e. up to 1,36 mol H2/mol glucose compared to theyields achieved by the sludges and the tested Escherichia and Citrobacter strains.