Résumé : [en] This paper investigated the enhancement effect of nanometre-sized metallic (Pd, Ag and Cu) or metallic oxide (Fe(x)O(y)) nanoparticles on fermentative hydrogen production from glucose by a Clostridium butyricum strain. These nanoparticles (NP) of about 2-3nm were encapsulated in porous silica (SiO(2)) and were added at very low concentration (10(-6)molL(-1)) in batch hydrogen production test. The cultures containing iron oxide NP produced 38% more hydrogen with a higher maximum H(2) production rate (HPR) of 58% than those without NP or with silica particles only. The iron oxide NP were used in a 2.5L sequencing-batch reactor and showed no significant effect on the yields (established at 2.2mol(hydrogen)mol(glucose)(-1)) but an improvement of the HPR (+113%, reaching a maximum HPR of 86mL(hydrogen)L(-1)h(-1)). These results suggest an improvement of the electron transfers trough some combinations between enzymatic activity and inorganic materials.