par Van De Stadt, Jean ;Thoua, Yvette ;Spiegl, G.
Référence Revue de chirurgie orthopédique et réparatrice de l'appareil moteur, 70, 8, page (643-648)
Publication Publié, 1984
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : Synovial sarcoma is a rare tumour. The diagnosis is difficult because of the lack of typical clinical symptoms and microscopy can be controversial. The prognosis is bad. A case is described in a woman aged 63 who presented previously with osteopoikily without clinical signs. The sarcoma was situated at the knee and was at first confused with a degenerative arthritis. The patient died despite secondary amputation. After study of the literature the authors conclude that the prognosis may be improved by early diagnosis.