Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : The authors report on technical characteristics, practical use and interest of a polyvalent pump with adjustable flow and high pressure in the following endoscopic situations: 1) Gastro-intestinal bleeding: a) Powerful feeding of the coaxial washing pipe of the fiberscope during the search of the site of bleeding. b) Effective water feeding of the electrohydrothermoprobe for coagulation of the bleeding lesion. 2) ERCP:Sterile, easy, and air free injection of the contrast medium, through all types of catheters. 3) Colonoscopy: a) Feeding of the supplemental washing admission of the objective lens cleaning system, useful for preventing the lens from dirt and for locally rinsing the bowel in case of hemorrhage or badly prepared colon. b) Prevention of the obstruction of the biopsy channel in the same cases by dilution of blood and stools. c) Feeding of an eventual washing catheter in the same conditions. © 1983 Springer-Verlag.