Résumé : The production of χ particles in the reaction π-p → χ + ... has been studied near threshold. The measurements have been performed at the 70 GeV IHEP proton synchrotron using the hodoscope spectrometer GAMS-2000. The χ particles have been identified through their decay χ → J/ψ + γ, J/ψ → e+e-. In the region XF ≳0.4 the fraction of obsered J/ψ particles which is obtained via the decay of χ states is 0.44 ± 0.16. The χ longitudinal and transverse momentum distributions are similar to those obtained for J/ψ. The inclusive production cross section of χ particles (3P1 and 3P2 states) at 38 GeV/c is σXF>0 (π-p → χ + ...) = (28±11) nb. © 1984.