Résumé : We have used continuous-wave cavity ring-down and femto-Fourier transform-cavity-enhanced absorption spectrometers to record the spectrum of the OH-stretching + CH-stretching (ν1 + ν2) combination band in trans-formic acid, with origin close to 6507 cm-1. They, respectively, allowed resolving and simplifying the rotational structure of the band near its origin under jet-cooled conditions (Trot = 10 K) and highlighting the overview of the band under room temperature conditions. The stronger B-type and weaker A-type subbands close to the band origin could be assigned, as well as the main B-type Q branches. The high-resolution analysis was hindered by numerous, severe perturbations. Rotational constants are reported with, however, limited physical meaning. The ν1 + ν2 transition moment is estimated from relative intensities to be 24°away from the principal b-axis of inertia.