par Dernouchamps, Jean Paul;Verougstraete, Claire ;Demolder, E.
Référence International ophtalmology, 14, 5-6, page (383-388)
Publication Publié, 1990-10
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : We report a case of peripheral Toxocara granuloma in a young boy of 17. Of the 3 forms of ocular toxocariasis, macular granuloma, endophthalmitis and peripheral granuloma, the latter is the least common and is characterized by the retention of relatively good vision. A differential diagnosis was performed between an intraocular foreign body encapsulated in fibroglial tissue, toxoplasmic retinochoroiditis, retinoblastoma, intermediate uveitis and toxocariasis. Fluorescein angiography showed not only some neovascularizations at the level of the peripheral granuloma but also manifestations of inflammatory reactions at the level of the posterior pole, i.e. diffuse leakages from retinal capillaries and parietal staining of some venous segments. Among the various laboratory tests, the most significant are eosinophilia, IgE concentration and detection of specific antibodies in serum as well as in aqueous humour. © 1990 Kluwer Academic Publishers.