par Bouyer, Patricia P.;Markey, Nicolas N.;Sankur, Ocan
Référence Theoretical computer science, 563, C, page (43-74)
Publication Publié, 2015
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : Reachability checking is one of the most basic problems in verification. By solving this problem in a game, one can synthesize a strategy that dictates the actions to be performed for ensuring that the target location is reached. In this work, we are interested in synthesizing "robust" strategies for ensuring reachability of a location in timed automata. By robust, we mean that it must still ensure reachability even when the delays are perturbed by the environment. We model this perturbed semantics as a game between the controller and its environment, and solve the parameterized robust reachability problem: we show that the existence of an upper bound on the perturbations under which there is a strategy reaching a target location is EXPTIME-complete. We also extend our algorithm, with the same complexity, to turn-based timed games, where the successor state is entirely determined by the environment in some locations.