par Descouvemont, Pierre ;Dufour, Marianne;Timofeyuk, Natalia
Référence Pos proceedings of science
Publication Publié, 2006
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : Different theoretical models adapted to low-energy reactions are briefly described. We emphasize on the microscopic approach, where all information is obtained from a nucleon-nucleon interaction. A first application deals with the 14C(n,γ )15C reaction, where we use the Asymptotic Normalization Constant (ANC) method. By using recent data on 14O+p elastic scattering combined with a microscopic analysis, we show evidence that existing direct and some indirect data on 14C(n,γ ) 15C are inconsistent with charge symmetry. We also present new results on the 18F(p,α)15O reaction, obtained in a microscopic cluster model. We point out that 1/2+ resonances, generally disregarded, may play a role. This property reduces the uncertainties associated with the 3/2+ contribution. The relevant 1/2+ states have been observed in 19F, but have not been searched for in 19Ne. An elastic-scattering experiment near Ecm ≈ 1.5 MeV is suggested. © Copyright owned by the author(s).