par Noirot, Eliane
Référence Animal behaviour, 22, 2, page (410-420)
Publication Publié, 1974
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : When a naïve virgin female mouse is exposed to an inaccessible litter so that it perceives the odour and the ultrasounds from the pups, its nest-building behaviour undergoes changes that are different from changes occurring in a control condition providing exposure to an inaccessible adult female. Virgin females exposed to a litter built their nest as near as possible to the pups. Other characteristics of their nest-building behaviour were influenced differently according to the type of ultrasound that the pups were emitting. In a condition where pups were mainly calling in response to cold, virgin females built heavier nests than control females. When mainly calls in response to handling were given by the pups, the females built lighter nests than control females. Finally, there was also some suggestion that the females exposed to ultrasounds from handled pups tended to chew the nest-material more than either control females or females exposed to ultrasound from cooled pups. © 1974.