par Carpentier, Yvon
Référence Clinical nutrition, 8, 3, page (115-125)
Publication Publié, 1989
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : Preface I feel extremely honoured by the invitation to deliver the 10th Arvid Wretlind lecture. It is also a tremendous pleasure because Professor Wretlind had a decisive impact on the orientation of my scientific career. I first met him when I was attending my first meeting on parenteral nutrition. A little while later, I had the privilege of spending two weeks with him in Stockholm. Then, he strongly advised me to spend a research fellowship in the Surgical Metabolism Unit of Columbia University, New York and personally established the contact with Professor John M. Kinney. Hence, it is easy to understand my emotional feelings to have the opportunity of dedicating this presentation to the pioneer of modern fat emulsions, as a very modest tribute of my immense admiration, respect and gratitude. I would not like to start this presentation without mentioning my deep appreciation to Professors John M. Kinney and David H. Elwyn who, so generously, let me benefit from their knowledge and experience in the field of energy and fat metabolism. I also want to associate to this presentation Richard J. Deckelbaum, Thomas Olivecrona, Dominique Haumont, Myriam Richelle and Peter Fürst. Our recent and present work is conducted in a very close, friendly and pleasant collaboration with them. © 1989.