Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : During a Texus sounding rocket flight experiment, the convection induced by a thermal gradient parallel to a liquid/gas interface has been studied in an aqueous solution of n-heptanol, presenting a surface tension minimum at TM ≈ 40°C. The temperatures imposed to the surface were higher and lower than TM. In microgravity conditions the fluid is injected into the cell at TM. Convection starts immediately after filling, inducing a large central cell with a motion in the surface from hot to cold and a little cell in the hot side with motion in the surface from cold to hot. This convective cell grows, the velocity in the central cell decreases, and after 1.5 minutes the motion reverses. Then one convective cell with motions in the surface from cold to hot is observed until the end of the experiment. Analysis of the results allows to determine the convective patterns, one velocity field and temperature field.