par De Mol, Jacques
Référence Acta psychiatrica Belgica, 76, 4, page (599-616)
Publication Publié, 1976
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : After reviewing the literature on personality and Parkinsonism and recalling the two concepts which conflict the etiology of their personality, the author has examined Rorschach charts of 20 Parkinsonians. This was done through a formal analysis and a content analysis in order to show the various dynamic aspects of personality, the psychic mechanisms preferentially used and the possible relations between psyche and soma. The results reveal a modification of personality in the direction of global narrowing, on ideas and affect, a reduction of relational investments, a narcissistic and hypochondriac retrieval and an important reduction of affects. Two different types of personality appear out of this common branch. The first is characterized by rigidity and stereotypy, the second characterized by some smoothness and a wider opening toward the external world. The psychodynamic study reveals that personality reorganization takes place through libidinal retrieval, through defensive and narcissistic moves. After the completion of the study, the somatopsychic hypothesis remains most probable; however the premorbid personality and in particular the aggressive problem can integrate with the behavioral modifications due to Parkinson's disease in order to finally bring an original psycho affective picture.