par Barth, Marie ;De Clercq, Catherine;de Wolf, Els;Dumont, Jean-Jacques ;Johnson, Denis;Lemonne, Jacques ;Peeters, Philippe ; [et al.]
Référence Zeitschrift für Physik. C, Particles and fields, 7, 3, page (187-198)
Publication Publié, 1981-09
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : Inclusive charged pion production is studied in an exposure of BEBC, filled with hydrogen, to an incident K+ beam of 70 GeV/c. Total cross sections for pion production and inclusive longitudinal and transverse momentum distributions of π-'s and of positive particles are presented and compared with data at lower energies. Earlier evidence for scaling in the fragmentation regions is confirmed. The central region π- cross section increases proportionally to pLAB-1/4; positive particles show almost no energy dependence at x=0. Particle ratios π+/π- are studied as a function of x and y* and a comparison with 70 GeV/c K-p data is made. Analysis of structure functions for (ππ) pairs and of particle production associated with π± triggers at large