par Marage, Pierre ;Bertrand, Daniel ;Sacton, Jean ; [et al.]
Référence Zeitschrift für Physik. C, Particles and fields, 35, 3, page (275-282)
Publication Publié, 1987-09
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : Coherent production of ρ- mesons in charged current antineutrino interactions on neon nuclei is studied in the BEBC bubble chamber exposed to the CERN SPS wide band beam. The cross section is measured to be (95±25)·10-40 cm2 per neon nucleus, averaged over the beam energy spectrum. The distributions of kinematical variables and the absolute value of the cross section are in agreement with theoretical predictions based on the CVC hypothesis and the vector meson dominance model. © 1987 Springer-Verlag.