par Steppe, Rita ;Mortelmans, Luc
Référence Journal belge de radiologie, 62, 6, page (553-560)
Publication Publié, 1979
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : The diagnostic score of bronchography in the diagnosis of malignant lung disease is assessed in a group of 210 patients who underwent bronchography. Its diagnostic sensitivity is compared with that of the 'diagnostic triad' (bronchoscopy, papanicolaou-test, transbronchial biopsy) individually and collectively. The classical bronchographic signs of malignancy are reviewed and a sign is described that is highly suggestive for a diagnosis of malignant lesion at the periphery of the lung field. A review of the possible differential diagnosis is given. A comparison is made between the (diagnostic) accuracy of bronchography and the results obtained at percutaneous biopsy of lung lesions, including the possible complication of both methods. The final conclusion is that bronchography is still of value as a diagnostic aid in the early detection of lung cancer.