par Van Gansbeke, Bernard ;Jeghers, Orner;Ermans, André Marie
Référence Journal of radioanalytical and nuclear chemistry, 92, 2, page (323-332)
Publication Publié, 1985-11
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : Paper and TLC chromatographic methods have been evaluated for the control of the labeling and stability of eight Tc-radiopharmaceuticals. The different supporting media and eluents have been studied and the most suitable methods have been classified according to their usefulness, reliability and rapidity. Moreover the artefacts encountered have been investigated. Alumina is found not suitable for its interference with TcO4-. Acetate buffer seems to be labeled by TcHR inducing frequently subsequent smearings. Methyl ethyl ketone is optimal for the quantification of TcO4- except in Tc-HIDA. TcHR never migrates as well as Tc-S Coll, Tc-MAA and Tc-HSA. The well-defined separation of TcO4- and TcHR from the radiopharmaceutical often requires a two-step method. © 1985 Akadémiai Kiadó.