Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : Objective: To define the optimal parameters of KTP laser irradiation during a selective caries removal. Materials and Methods: Twelve decayed human teeth, recently extracted were used. Their root canals were prepared for insertion of a thermocouple probe into the pulp chamber. The demineralized tissues were colored by Acid Red 52 before proceeding to different conditions of irradiation. Results: Pulpal temperature increases (below 3°C) were found under the following parameters with 15 sec of continuous lasing: 400 m Watts, 0.10-msec pulse width, PRR < 50 Hz for efficient caries removal. A resting time average of 70 sec was necessary to allow pulp temperature to get back to its baseline. Conclusion: KTP laser can be used safely and without any pulp overheating under certain irradiation conditions.