par Calibbi, Lorenzo ;Lindert, Jonas J.M.;Ota, Toshihiko;Takanishi, Yasutaka
Référence The Journal of high energy physics, 2014, 11, page (1-23)
Publication Publié, 2014
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : Abstract: We address the question how light the lightest MSSM neutralino can be as dark matter candidate in a scenario where all supersymmetric scalar particles are heavy. The hypothesis that the neutralino accounts for the observed dark matter density sets strong requirements on the supersymmetric spectrum, thus providing an handle for collider tests. In particular for a lightest neutralino below 100 GeV the relic density constraint translates into an upper bound on the Higgsino mass parameter μ in case all supersymmetric scalar particles are heavy. One can define a simplified model that highlights only the necessary features of the spectrum and their observable consequences at the LHC. Reinterpreting recent searches at the LHC we derive limits on the mass of the lightest neutralino that, in many cases, prove to be more constraining than dark matter experiments themselves.