par Resibois, Pierre ;Hasselle, Nicole
Référence The Journal of Chemical Physics, 43, 3, page (1016-1026)
Publication Publié, 1965
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : The theory of the relaxation effect in electrolytes developed by Davis and one of the authors (P.R.) is improved by taking into account the interaction of the solvent with the ions. This is made possible if we assume that the ions have a large mass (M) with respect to the solvent molecules (m), in which case the recent developments of the microscopic theory of Brownian motion may be used. We show that the results of the classical theory of Onsager-Debye-Falkenhagen are recovered provided that the following conditions are satisfied: (m/M)≪1, (e2C1/2/D0kT) ≫1, in such a way that (e 2C/D0) ≪Ζ2/M where Ζ is the friction coefficient of the fluid. We also discuss the connection between the various statistical-mechanical approaches which have been proposed recently for discussing this problem.