par Fujita, Shigeji
Référence Journal of mathematical physics, 3, 2, page (359-367)
Publication Publié, 1962
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : The viscosity coefficients of a weakly coupled and a dilute quantum gas, both obeying the classical statistics, are calculated using the method developed by Abe and the present author. In this method transport coefficients are calculated from exact formulas due to Kubo with the natural introduction of the irreversibility following the ideas of Van Hove, Prigogine, and their collaborators. It is shown explicitly that the low-density limit as well as the weak-coupling limit of the viscosity are those which are expected from the conventional calculation via the Boltzmann equation. The nature of these limits is closely related to the two well separated time scales-average duration of collision and average time between successive collisions.