par Fujita, Shigeji
Référence Physica, 27, 10, page (930-939)
Publication Publié, 1961-10
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : The binary collision expansion of the pair propagator, which is closely related to the grand canonical pair distribution function, is obtained in terms of quantum statistical Feynman-type diagrams. The result may be summarized by stating that the pair propagator can be expanded in a manner in which (a) all interaction lines, representing potentials υ of the usual perturbation diagrams, are replaced by sets of ladder diagrams representing binary collision kernels B(2) and (b) whenever a double ladder structure occurs in the diagrams, the statistical factor (1 ± f{hook}1)(1 ± f{hook}2) (f{hook} being the Bose or the Fermi distribution function) associated with the intermediate lines with momenta p1 and p2 should be replaced by (1 ± f{hook}1)(1 ± f{hook}2) - 1. © 1957.