par Vander Linden, Charles ;Van Leemput, Robert
Référence Journal of colloid and interface science, 67, 1, page (48-62)
Publication Publié, 1978-10
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : Adsorption measurements in a θ solvent (cyclohexane) and in carbon tetrachloride have been carried out at 35°C on amorphous silica with polystyrene samples (6 × 102 < M < 2 × 106) having a narrow molecular weight distribution. Data were obtained by means of infrared spectroscopy analysis for the adsorbance (q), the fraction of the segments adsorbed (p), and the relative number of sites occupied (θ). The surface excess values (θ/p) are in good agreement with those obtained independently from adsorbancy and site density data. A similar dependence on M is observed in both solvents, however, with the q and θ values in CCl4 reaching only half those measured in cyclohexane. The molecular weight dependence of q initially follows a root mean square relationship, but becomes vanishingly small for M > 106; p decreases rapidly toward a limiting value of 0.20-0.25; θ equals unity in cyclohexane except for the shortest chains. © 1978.