par Majerus, Bernard;Timmermans, Michel
Référence Acta chirurgica Belgica (Ed. bilingue), 90, 4, page (166-171)
Publication Publié, 1990-07
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : A case report and review of literature. Four types of neoplastic dissemination exist in presence of ovarian adenocarcinomas. Commonly, these tumors metastasize along intraperitoneal ways or lymphatic channels. Less frequently, the tumors are invading surrounding organs by direct extension. Rarely, there is a hematogenous dissemination. The observation of a gastric metastasis is reported; we consider it as a hematogenous one. Reviewing the literature, we find few similar cases. Gastric metastases originate more frequently from malignant melanomas, adenocarcinomas of the breast and bronchogenic tumors.