par Nkono, Collin ;Demaiffe, Daniel ;Femenias, Olivier
Référence Journal of African earth sciences, 100, page (626-633)
Publication Publié, 2014-12
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : This work proposes a new geodynamic model for the development of the Cameroon Hot Line (CHL) in Equatorial Africa. It is based on the analysis of the distribution of lineaments and of magmatic bodies (Paleogene anorogenic ring-complexes and Neogene volcanic centres). Two successive geodynamic models are proposed to explain the distribution of the Cainozoic to recent magmatic activity. They are both sinistral. The first one, during the Paleogene, developed around the N. ~. 70°E direction while the second one (Neogene) is oriented around the N. ~. 130°E direction. The two periods are separated by a short transition. The emplacement follows the local reactivation of pre-existing (Pan-African) faults in relation to the collision between the Afro-Arabian and Eurasian plates, during the Alpine history.