Résumé : Artemia has a complex extracellular hemoglobin of Mr 260,000 comprising two globin chains (Mr 130,000) each of which is a polymer of eight covalently linked domains of Mr 16,000. The primary structure of this polymeric globin was studied to understand how globin folded domains are ordered within a globin chain and, in turn, how the latter associate into a functional hemoglobin molecule. Here we report the amino acid sequence of a second domain, E7 (Mr 16,081, excluding the heme), and interpretations of sequence data by computer-assisted alignment and modeling. This clearly shows that, as with domain E1 (Moens, L., Van Hauwaert, M.-L., De Smet, K., Geelen, D., Verpooten, G., Van Beeumen, J., Wodak, S., Alard, P., & Trotman, C. (1988) J. Biol. Chem. 263, 4679-4685), domain E7 is compatible with a globin folded structure of the β-type chain. Several specific differences of domains E7 and E1 from the classic globins are identified. They possibly can be interpreted in terms of specific requirements for a double octameric functional molecule.