par Clement, Sébastien ;Coulembier, Olivier;Meyer, Franck ;Zeller, Matthias;Vande Velde, Christophe
Référence Acta Crystallographica. Section E: Structure Reports Online, 66, 4, page (o896-o897)
Publication Publié, 2010
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : The reaction of thio-phene-3-carboxaldehyde and perfluoro-benzyl-triphenyl- phospho-nium bromide in the presence of sodium hydride gave the title compound, C12H5F5S, in 70% yield. The thiophene and perfluorophenyl groups form a dihedral angle of 5.4 (2)°. The structure is characterized by a head-to-tail organization in a columnar arrangement due to π-π inter-actions between the thio-phene and penta-fluoro-phenyl rings with centroid-centroid distances in the range 3.698 (2)-3.802 (2) Å.