Résumé : Extensive self-consistent multiconfiguration Dirac-Hartree-Fock (MCDHF) calculations and subsequent relativistic configuration interaction calculations are performed for 262 states belonging to the 15 configurations 2s 22p2, 2s2p3, 2p4, 2s 22p3l, 2s2p23l, 2p33l and 2s22p4l(l = 0,1,2) in selected carbon-like ions from Ar XIII to Zn XXV. Electron correlation effects are accounted for through large configuration state function expansions. Calculated energy levels are compared with existing theoretical calculations and data from the Chianti and NIST databases. In addition, Landé gJ-factors and radiative electric dipole transition rates are given for all ions. The accuracy of the calculations are high enough to facilitate the identification of observed spectral lines. © 2014 ESO.