par Sonnino, Giorgio V.
Référence Il Nuovo Cimento B Series 10, 118, 10-12, page (1155-1174)
Publication Publié, 2003-10
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : As known, when a magnetic field is applied at right angles to the direction of an electric current or a thermal gradient, galvano- and thermo-magnetic effects appear in the material. In this paper, we shall show that if we study these effects in non-linear regime, the Thermodynamic Field Theory (TFT) foresees a new interesting effect: the Non Linear Hall effect. This prediction is herein submitted to experimental verification. In this paper, we shall analyse this new effect studying materials with weak thermo-electric power coefficients. We shall show the agreement between the theoretical predictions of the TFT and experiments. Expermental curves related to the non-linear Hall effect allow to determine the order of magnitude of the constant x introduced in the TFT.