Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : Antibodies to adenovirus-associated virus type 3 have been determined in 12 children and 21 adults with tumors, as well as in 20 children and 44 adults with other diseases. The incidence of antibodies was significantly lower in the cancer group than in the control one: for these two groups, the incidence of positive tests were 9% and 31%, respectively. A similar but less significant difference was found with antibodies to adenovirus-associated virus type 1. In contrast, the antibodies to the serotype 2 were equally distributed among the cases of cancer and other patients. The first two series of results are in agreement with the hypothesis that infections with adenoviruses in man entail some risk of cancer, and that this risk is decreased if an associated virus is also present - a fact which has been demonstrated in newborn hamsters. © 1970 Springer-Verlag.