par Van Den Bergh, Norbert V D N.;Gunzig, Edgard ;Nardone, Pasquale ;Castagnino, Mario
Référence Classical and quantum gravity, 7, 12, page (2267-2283), 009
Publication Publié, 1990
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : The authors study conformally invariant fields within the context of semiclassical gravity. They claim that, with a single exception, exact conformally flat solutions are necessarily Friedmann-Robertson-Walker models or their tachyonic fluid analogues. In both cases they rewrite the field equations as a quadratic three-dimensional autonomous system of ordinary differential equations, the critical points of which are Minkowski space and (anti-) de Sitter space. Both Minkowski and de Sitter space are unstable in the linear as well as in the non-linear theory.