par Mandel, Michel
Référence Analytica chimica acta, 15, C, page (301-311)
Publication Publié, 1956-07
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : The ion transfer in general and the proton transfer in particular are discussed in view of a theory of acidity and the importance of the energy of transfer is shown. This energy consisting of an intrinsic and an interactional part, is analysed and stress is laid upon the fact that the interactional part cannot, in general, be a simple function of the dielectric constant of the solvent. The intrinsic part may, on the other hand, be easily compared in different solvents. The energy of transfer enables one to define a universal acid-strength function X which has a precise physical meaning. The comparison of this function X in different solvents shows that the interactional part of the energy of transfer depends essentially on the solvatation of the functional group of the acid's molecule and permits eventually an estimation of this part in different solvents. © 1956.