par Depasse, Jacques
Référence Environmental research, 16, 1-3, page (88-91)
Publication Publié, 1978
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : The hemolytic activities of silica and aluminate-modified silica (AM silica) have been tested. Sheep erythrocytes are equally sensitive to silica and AM silica. Horse erythrocytes are more resistant than sheep erythrocytes, and more sensitive to silica than to AM silica. After neuraminidase treatment, the behavior of horse erythrocytes becomes nearly the same as that of sheep erythrocytes. It appears that the sensitivity of the cell to silica or aluminated silica is strongly dependent on the sialic acid content of the membrane. This observation may be related to the strong influence of the aluminum content of silica on its in vivo toxicity.