Résumé : Among the interactions of K+p at 5 GeV/c produced in the CERN 2 m and Saclay 81 cm hydrogen bubble chambers we have studied the four-body reactions K+p→ Kππ. The cross-sections for the various final states contributing to these reactions have been determined. A detailed analysis has been performed on the double-resonance production K+p→ K*(892)*(1236). Decay angular distributions for both resonances have been studied and single and joint spin-density matrix elements calculated as a function of four-momentum transfer. The results have been compared to the absorption-model predictions assuming pion exchange. Various quark-model predictions for the decay angular distributions have been tested. The quark-model relations derived on the basis of the additivity assumption only, are experimentally well satisfied. If additional conditions about the quark-quark scattering amplitudes are imposed, only some of the quark-model predictions agree with experiment. © 1969 Società Italiana di Fisica.